Just What Is Health Food?

Just what is health food? There are so many different ideas about what constitutes a healthy diet!

Did You Know Good Health Food Is An Anti Inflammation Diet?

Inflammation cause lots of health problems. Fight inflammation by eating good health food, the best anti inflammation diet possible!

Healthy Fat Loss Information

Tom Venuto

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is a blueprint on how to lose fat naturally. It’s easy to understand. There are no gimmicks. With over 310 pages, it’s a big book crammed full of fat loss information. And since the foods recommended are all natural, I have no qualms about recommending it on a health food blog!

Are All Fibers Created Equal?

The fiber in your diet comes from plants and different plants have varying amounts and types. The fiber is the part of the plant that isn’t digested by enzymes in the intestinal tract, though some parts may be metabolized by bacteria in the lower gut. It is found ONLY in plant foods: fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains. There is no fiber in eggs, meat or milk.

Mythbusters – You Can Believe What The Labels Tell You

Food labels are misleading… there are two different systems on how much fat is in food. The labels can list the amount of fat up to three different ways just to make things really confusing! Many products have water added to dilute out the percentage of fat by weight. There is usually more fat in that food than you think from the labels.

Easy Health Food For Your Brain

I was reading an article about “Brain Food” recently. It turns out that your brain needs pretty much what the rest of your body needs – a well balanced diet. Big surprise, huh?

Chocolate as a Health Food

Yes, chocolate is actually a great health food!!! Okay, okay, we’re not talking about just any chocolate. You know chocolate candy bars aren’t health food. They’re full of sugar and emulsifiers and have virtually no naturally occurring flavonols, the good stuff in “real” chocolate.

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