Cooking Chart For George Foreman Grill

It’s easy to lose those little manuals that come with kitchen appliances.  One of Health Food Made Easy’s readers, Zdenka, had that problem with her George Foreman Next Grilleration Grill.  Specifically, the manual for Model No. GRP99.

If you’re one of those with a George Foreman Grill and can’t find your manual, take heart!  I’ve scanned a copy of the “Suggested Cooking Chart” page and you can print out the Foreman Grill’s cooking chart here.

Hope this helps anyone using one of George Foreman’s Next Grilleration Grills!


  1. What cooking time should I use for a well done fillet?

  2. The chart is here…

    George Foreman Grill Coooking Chart

    It depends on how thick the meat is. Looks like about 8-9 minutes.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, your the only one that actually has it!

  4. Thank you so much ! I just moved and lost mine and couldn’t find it. I appreciate it !

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  6. This is wonderful. I have been looking all over for a cooking chart for the George Foreman grill I picked up at a yard sale. Thought it would be easy to find and boy was I wrong!! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to check out the rest of your site.

  7. I also got my George foreman at a yard sale looking for manual and cooking chart model # GR15BWl

  8. I need a manual and cooking chart for model # GR0097P

  9. katernine says:

    been looking everywhere for this. thanks for having it on yoru site.

  10. Katharina says:

    Lost mine, and I’ve been looking everyone for this chart. Thanks for having it available.

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